On April 15, the 133rd Canton Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou under the attention of many people at home and abroad.

On the scene of the Canton Fair, the entire exhibition ushered in the first day of high popularity, the number of visitors throughout the day as high as 370,000, online 410,000 participants. Zhengzhou Jiutai Technology Co.,ltd, as a professional manufacturer in the field of NDT Field more than 10 years, appeared in the first phase of the fair (15-19).

It is a great honor for Jiutai Technology to participate in the 13th Canton Fair under the leadership of General manager Wu, the company exhibited drain pipe push rod camera , CCTV pipe inspection robot camera, high-definition sewer pipe periscope camera, Small Sewer crawler camera, explosion-proof container camera, videoscope and other pipe inspection camera .

According to the requirements of the visiting customers, the Jiutai company demonstrated our new custom equipment, pipe crawler robot camera, sewer pipe robot camera  equipped with special functions such as ring laser, powerful spray washing, which won high praise from customers and recognition from the market.

The pipe inspection camera meet the needs of different working conditions on market , foreign customer interests in our company's products, and highly praised, with many customers signed contracts, and found a suitable agent in some countries. The Canton Fair has laid the foundation for our company to further expand overseas markets, and at the same time, expanded our company's overall competitiveness and influence in foreign markets.